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This is Citizen Made.

We learned our chops by making products – the Citizen Made product configurator canvas, Target’s LookBook + Cartwheel, Threadless Artist Shops and dozens of sites, apps and fashion-tech experiments.  Bring your challenges, we’ll help you solve them.

Innovation Lab

Workshop with us to clarify problems + assumptions about a potential new product or service as a solution.  Through rapid ideation, prototyping and testing, we can validate new opportunities in as little as one week.

Design + Development

We create remarkable ecommerce, retail and omnichannel experiences.  Through technical rigor and insightful creative, we’ll find your people and connect meaningfully.

Product Configuration Canvas

Custom product is near and dear to our heart.  Selling custom in your ecomm shop?   Our configurable product canvas will help you stand out from the crowd.
Learn more about our product configurator.

We Made This.

A selection of work we loved to make.
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Threadless Artist Shops

Jake Nickell

We found the design sprints to be really valuable in making more detailed, specific progress on abstract ideas. It was helpful on multiple levels–determining the business rules, the user experience, and even sometimes the technical implementation. Dedicating a solid chunk of time over the course of a week allowed us to really dig in and make things real, rather than just being left with a bunch of thoughts. Before design sprints, this process would be integrated into the actual execution period of a project which resulted in a lot of waste and back and forth... Putting time into this before execution gave us a much more clear starting point and resulted in better work in the end.

The Citizen Journal

Breaking through

With all the enthusiasm and openness of working with a fresh idea,  charting the new course can be a most inspiring task.  We can follow what we know works, or we can dig in to innovate.  Successful new products rarely emerge as a...

Product Team Purgatory

Previously, I’ve written about the importance of having a clearly stated outcome or goal that serves both your organization and your user.  Once you have articulated this outcome, many teams reach a place of ideation and creation. It’s not...

Mapping People to Products

New projects are exciting. Resetting an existing project from time to time is critical. Recently I’ve been working with teams within medium to large organizations where they are creating innovative products or experiences for their customers. Projects range from innovative app experiences,...

Happy new year!  

Our journey at Citizen Made started out with full focus on product customization, and though mass customization is still near and dear to our hearts, the past two years have demanded that we think bigger, develop a wider gamut...

Opportunity Mapping

Over the last few months, we’ve been working with some of the largest companies across South America to create innovation strategies and coach executives to stretch the way they think about engaging customers today. Most of this time was...

Hello world!

While you've been busy making your goods, we've been cookin' up more goodies for you. What started as the little ecomm platform that could customize has evolved into strategic partnerships across all sorts of innovative product organizations. ...

On Set with Oprah

While strolling the west loop on Randolph, the morning commute seems to have lost a bit of its bustle. After 26 years, Harpo Studios pulled up stakes from the Chicago headquarters that have been sending big love over the...