Why Citizen Made?


Sell custom product visually

Citizen Made Canvas enables your customers to make custom changes to products visually from your site. Co-creation in real time.


A share-worthy experience

You make great products. Citizen Made helps your customers spread the word about what you’ve come up with together.


Accept custom orders seamlessly

Citizen Made works with the most popular eCommerce carts. No additional shops to manage. Just your products, customized.

Tailored for the makers, manufacturers and innovative retailers

At Citizen Made, we believe in progressive brands. Our visual product configuration
tool makes it fun and easy for your customers to customize,
visualize, buy and share your product.


Drop us a line! hello@citizenmade.co


  • Citizen Made
  • 40 W 38th St
    New York, NY  10018
  • (347) 560-9021
  •  hello@citizenmade.co

  • 118 N Peoria St
    Chicago, IL  60607
  • (312) 451-4055
  •  hello@citizenmade.co