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FOCUS Fellow Citizen Made

Citizen Made earned the L’Oreal Women in Digital at the Women 2.0 PITCH conference in New York, where they provided us a cash grant, as well as a year-long partnership with L’Oreal, their venture partners, and the potential to work with their business verticals as well. L’Oreal is an ideal partner for Citizen Made, and we’re looking forward to exploring consumer product innovation with an industry powerhouse.
L’Oreal Women in Digital

25 New Coolest Businesses in Chicago

What it is: A custom sales software company that helps Chicago-based online businesses build their online stores by making it easier for their customers to personalize, visualize, buy and share products in different colors, styles, and designs.

Why it’s cool: Citizen Made gives its primarily local and small business clients the option for their customers to share their purchases through social media in order to increase brand awareness.
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Maverick Maker Rachel Brooks Talks Business of Design and Technology

With annual events such as Maker Faire, the world’s biggest maker event, and Mini Maker Faire pop-ups, among other events, the maker movement has inspired small businesses and mid-sized retailers to create and sell self-made goods.  Saginaw, Michigan native Rachel Brooks, alongside co-founder Bryn McCoy, founded Citizen Made, an e-commerce platform that allows brands to design custom products. Brooks describes the software as “Nike ID for anybody,” and since it’s official launch in April 2013 the company has secured a partnership with L’Oreal.
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6 New Female CTOs Of Startups

We at Women 2.0 have been compiling a long list of female CTOs and technical women leaders. This week, we highlight some recent additions to the list. Here are six women entrepreneurs to watch who all happen to be the trail-blazing CTOs of their up-and-coming startups.

Business Accelerated: Citizen Made Brings Customization to the Masses

Rachel Brooks worked in fashion and advertising before launching the Citizen Made canvas, a product customization tool. Working with her co-founder Bryn McCoy, Brooks graduated from the NewME accelerator program and continues to launch products for makers.
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Lookbook: Finalist App Breakdown

How do you easily curate products in a flexible, dynamic way, across multiple use cases? That’s the problem Lookbook seeks to solve.  This app benefits from a clever data play. The first part of the strategy is the use of user-generated data to help populate item listings more wide-ranging, user-contributed tips.  The judges were impressed by the simplity of the concept, which belies the incredible potential of the data. A product like this is all about curb appeal: It has to look good and be quick and easy to use. This all-female team of designers and developers delivered a terrific mockup that accomplishes all that and more.
Fast Company

Seriously Badass Women: Meet Bryn McCoy

Bryn geeks out about the Third Industrial Revolution.

Bryn McCoy of Citizen Made on Providing Value, Perfecting Solutions and Doing Whatever it Takes

Citizen Made fulfills their dreams, and grows, by doing the same for their clients. Embedded in the fabric of this company you’ll find a passionate software developer and a brilliant creative.
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