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Happy new year!  

Our journey at Citizen Made started out with full focus on product customization, and though mass customization is still near and dear to our hearts, the past two years have demanded that we think bigger, develop a wider gamut...

Hello world!

While you've been busy making your goods, we've been cookin' up more goodies for you. What started as the little ecomm platform that could customize has evolved into strategic partnerships across all sorts of innovative product organizations. ...

On Set with Oprah

While strolling the west loop on Randolph, the morning commute seems to have lost a bit of its bustle. After 26 years, Harpo Studios pulled up stakes from the Chicago headquarters that have been sending big love over the...
Just keep swimming.

Swimming with Threadless

Ecommerce used to be a dirty word. When we have so many huge global issues to address, why would the best and brightest in digital work so hard to sell more stuff? Then, we started meeting the makers. Designers, mothers,...

The Archetype Journal

Work through the Archetype Journal to take your business practice to the next level + prepare to launch your own product line. Learn to merge multiple disciplines to develop a distinctive brand experience. Unite your team of...

All the Kits

Launch This
This summer we’ve been busy working out ideas and flow around the new Moto Mods product emerging from Chicago’s Motorola Mobility. Just this morning I worked though a super fun brainstorm to consider what we can build with...